A. Functions:

1. The Department of Planning and Finance is in charge of giving the University’s directorate advice with regard to financial plan, finance and facility management, capital management, capital conservation and capital development.

2. The Department assists the University in financial self-control by giving proposal of solutions, building financial management and balance projects.

3. The Department makes proposals for legal receipts from the govermental investment, tuition fees, research and technology transfer, services and projects.

4. The Department helps with payment and financial balancing of regular and irregular expenses, and construction expenditures conformable to the current regulations.  

B. Missions:

1. Planning of finance, assets, investment and construction.

2. Management of finance and assets

3. Others:

a. Management of qualifications, certificates, assets and equipment.

b. Organization of accounting machine:

- Building the accounting machine development; improving cyber accounting software; enhancing asset, tuition fee and course registration managing software; coordinating with Software Company to improve CMC software.

- Posting accrued accounting tasks.

- Giving instructions to other divisions of Vinh University to keep track of asset, to balance finance, to enter in the receiving and paying accounts.

- Making inspections, controls and proposals to the president in order to deal with violations upon the regulations.

- Assuring the achives of accounting justificative documents.