1. Dau Dang Tuan, Acting director

- He is in charge of the management and direction of all departmental assignments. He takes all responsibility for the management of institutional finance, planning and accounting.

- He directly carry out the management of following jobs:

+ Capital construction; science and technology and other projects.

+ Receipts, payments and the institutional budget; banking accounts, treasury.

+ Signature of transferring documents, advance documents, guess reception, small purchases, etc.

+ Signature of documens to be submitted to the directorate for approval.

+ Spokesman for financial information of Vinh University.

+ Taking responsibility for accounting, taxation accounting and other related jobs.

+ Making divisional financial plan jointly with other departments.

+ Control of all financial activities within Vinh University.

2. Hoang Viet Dung, Vice director.

- assists the acting director, taking responsibility for the assignments by the acting director and the president of Vinh University.

- is the first delegate during the acting director’s business out of the University.

a. To be in charge and control of following fields:

+ To provide construction’s data, annual financial plan, academic plan, periodical reports and to build receipt and payment plan from different resources with the assistance of Mr. Hoang and Ms. Thu Lien.

+ To follow up accounting schemes and entering in the accounts conformably to the regulations.

+ To weekly and monthly report financial issues in response to the requirements of overall meetings.

+ To be responsible for tuition fees and other fees receipts, services, adjustments of the institutional regulations in terms of finance upon new regulations by higher authorities.

+ To assess financial activities at the University.

b. Other assignments

b.1. Capital construction accounting

b.2. Other accounting jobs: Equipment purchases, repairs of constructions, equipment management,  

3. Tran Thi Viet Anh

a. Capital construction accounting

b. Office supplies accounting

c. External postgraduate studies accounting

d. Other assignments

4. Tran Thi Thu Lien

a. General accounting for cash receipt and payment.

b. Accounting for cash payment, management of postgradute studies on campus.

c. Accounting for national foreign language project 2020 and other research projects.

d. Updating and adjusting regulations according to new regulations by higher authorities.

5. Tran Thi Thanh Xuan

a. Accounting for national budget – regular payment

b. Accounting for national budget – irregular payment    

c. Other assignments

6. Trinh Thi Dung

a. Accounting for research projects under the national budget and other budgets.

b. Salary accounting

c. Accounting for oversea student management.

d. Accounting for fuel payments

7. Nguyen Thi Tra Giang

a. Accounting for full-time students management

b. Following up and entering in the accounts debts from joint undergraduate training programs.

c. Other assignments:

8. Tran Dinh Dieu

a. Taxation accounting

b. Asset accounting

c. Accounting for chemical stock, tools and devices

d. Other assignments

9. Dinh The Phu

a. Banking accounting

b. Accounting for small and big repairs.

c. Accounting for purchases.

d. Other assignments

10. Nguyen Bac Giang

He is in charge of:

a. Network and tuition fee receipt softwares.

b. Comparison of the number of students on the softwares and that in the admission decision.

c. Checking and comparing tuition fees paid by students.

d. Updating tuition fees’ norms.

e. Other assignments

11. Nguyen Cong Hoang

He is in charge of:

a. General accounting

b. Asset accounting

c. Other assignments

12. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien Treasurer, accountant for regular receipt

She is in charge of:

a. Treasure management

b. Other assignments