According to this list, the public professional services using the SB in education and training include: 1 – Services for secondary and preschool education; 2 -  Services for intermediate and college pedagogical education; 3 – Services for higher education; 4 – Services for continuing education; 5 – Others.

Among these services, education of disabled children in preschool education, the teaching of compulsory and elective subjects in secondary education programme at primary level enacted by the minister of education and training are fully covered by the SB.

Education activities at ethnic boarding schools, boarding schools, and preparatory school are also fully supported by the SB.

Services for higher education assured by the SB are undergraduate programmes of teacher training, Marxist-Leninist and Ho Chi Minh’s thought majors, others: tuberculosis, leprosy, mental crisis, forensic examinations, mental forensic examinations and surgery, national defense majors and fundamental sciences.

Besides, the SB also covers intermediate and college education, eradication of illiteracy and further education, etc.

Phuong Nhi