The issue of autonomy and responsibility of universities

Universities have to right to decide the number of students to recruit, tuition fee levels, training curriculum and quality, use of funds for salary and other investments. The market-driven economy will regulate these activities of universities. Universities should be put under internal and external supervision. Information mechanism should be built by the state so that students and people can choose the university they wish to study at. The university must extract the tuition fee receipt to support unprivileged students who achieve brilliant results.

State aid

State aid for each school should be publicly, clearly and stably allocated based on the following parameters: the total number of students, number of students in each major which the state is in need, but market represents low demand (eg. agriculture, forestry, fisheries), regions and difficult localities.
Annual government support, if not used up, can be transferred to the Donor Fund, without returning the funds to the state.
State aid through scholarships and student loans requires new more effective credit programs replacing the credit program 157.

Student credit

This is to be set up as a program by the state, including:

(1) Defining suitable tuition fees in this period;

(2) Creation of student credit based on loan and payment solutions and credit source suggestion;

(3) Solution to use addition receipt to improve effectively the quality of higher education;

(4) Proposal of policies related to the responsibility of the government, financial associations, employers, but firstly salary policies for new graduates. 

(5) Propagation of new financial policies for higher education in order to get the consent and support of companies and society.